How To Make A Death Star Pinata
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Star Wars Pinata


Death Star pinata

Star Wars Pinata

was my
girlfriends birthday.
I decided I wanted a Star
Wars pinata, but I couldn't find
anywhere to buy one. Then I came up
with an idea to make a Death Star pinata.
This website is the culmination of all the blood, sweat
and tears that went into making my Death Star pinata, only to be
smashed to pieces at the end. Hopefully this gives you all the information
needed to make your own Death Star pinata. If you've got any questions about any
of this, feel free to drop me an email at . It's worth pointing out that
most of the photos used here were taken on my iPhone, in poorly lit conditions in my flat. If they're a
little blurry, that's why. Sorry. I'm also going to provide instructions
on how to make the pinata the same way I made it. Undoubtedly
there are better ways of doing things, so feel free to improvise
if you choose to build your own Death Star pinata.
May the Force Be With You!